February 4, 2024  –  Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Questions to Ponder: 
• If you were Job, how would you respond to all this tragedy?
• Do you think your faithfulness would remain as proper as Job?
• Did God love Job more or less because of Job’s strong faith?
• Who is a better apostle, Peter or Paul? Why?


February 11, 2024  –  Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Questions to Ponder:
• Do you exclude some people and include others?
• Do you think you could have kept Jesus’ secret that he was the Messiah?
• Do you have trouble loving others as Jesus wants us to?
• Do you find it easy to imitate Paul?


February 18, 2024  –  First Sunday of Lent

Questions to Ponder: 
• Do you see the comparison between the rainbow arc and the Church?
• Adam and Christ: Do the meaning of both come alive during Lent?
• Do you see the Lord’s love playing out in these Scriptures?
• Do the Lenten readings help you deal with sin better?


February 25, 2024  –  Second Sunday of Lent

Questions to Ponder: 
• What will you do special this Lent?
• How can you show gratitude to Jesus for giving his life so that you may be saved?
• You know in your heart what you can do better. Will you do that this Lent?
• The Lord needs you to say “yes,” just as his mother did to the angel Gabriel. Are you ready for that commitment?




March 3, 2024  –  Third Sunday of Lent

Questions to Ponder: 
• What are my priorities these days?
• How do I intend to renew my baptismal promises during Lent?
• Does my preaching lead others to sanctification? How?


March 10, 2024  |  Fourth Sunday of Lent

Questions to Ponder: 
• Under what circumstances have I been delivered from exile?
• What does it feel like to sense God’s deliverance?
• How do I point to the Crucified Christ to show others the movement from darkness to light?


March 17, 2024  |  Fifth Sunday of Lent

Questions to Ponder: 
• What would it be like to live as a resurrected Christian?
• How do I call my parishioners from the darkness of despair and doubt?
• Does my preaching witness to the God of the living?


March 24, 2024  |  Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion

Questions to Ponder: 
• How do I see my own sin in the Passion narrative?
• How deeply do I embrace prophetic witness in my priestly ministry?
• Do I treat the name of Jesus as sacred in and out of the liturgy?


March 31, 2024  |  Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord

Questions to Ponder: 
• How is Christ’s resurrection a new event year after year?
• Am I able to clear out the “old yeast” to make way for a “fresh batch of dough”?
• If I pray over the last paragraph of the first reading, can I deepen my commission to preach?


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