Few events on the world stage create more attention than a papal election. People everywhere, Catholic and non-Catholic, are riveted by the news as they watch the Church transition from one Vicar of Christ to another. Everyone waits anxiously... Read More

The Fruits of Eucharistic Adoration

As a seminary spiritual director, I am sometimes asked by directees how I would recommend they spend their Holy...

The Fathers and Trinity Sunday, Monday, Tuesday …

Whenever a Christian makes the Sign of the Cross, invoking the Trinitarian formula, he or she exercises a habit...

Freedom, Scandal and the Fall of the Berlin Wall

This period of history from The Priest magazine’s perspective opened with freedom in the air. People behind the Iron...



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A Visit Beyond All Visits

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When is a visit more than simply the action of going to see someone for social reasons or friendship?... Read More

A Man for All Seasons: Father Jan Januszewski

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Twenty years after I had interviewed Father Jan Januszewski for a book I was writing on Polish survivors of... Read More




Called ‘Father’

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Do you remember the first time someone called you “Father”? How did that make you feel? That moment, no... Read More

Faithful Friends

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An elderly man at the parish recently gave me a great anecdote about friendship. He said that a group... Read More



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Easter Memories That Feed Us

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Priesthood has offered me opportunities to walk with people to Easter sacraments within varied communities. I recall families renting... Read More

Don’t Let ‘Program’ Become a Dirty Word

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I want to share a secret with you. Please keep it between us. You specialize in confessions and thus... Read More