The Eucharist

Last summer’s Pew Research report that 69% of American Catholics believe Jesus Christ is only symbolically present in the Eucharist drew both understandable attention and merited criticism of its methodology and conclusions. It also occasioned an opportunity to consider... Read More

The Priestly Spirituality of Consultation

I recently led a two-day workshop on parish consultation for 20 seminarians. They had just completed their parish internships...

Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord

Jesus said, “You too go into my vineyard” (Mk 20:4). When I was a boy, the pastor of St....

Realities of Exorcism and the Devil

At least three factors may contribute to an increase in the number of requests priests get for concerning demonic...


The Gift of Spiritual Communion

The outbreak and spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) presents a major pastoral challenge in the weeks and months... Read More

Praying the Mass Without a Congregation

The COVID-19 pandemic necessarily introduced many and varied responses on the part of everyone to stem the spread of... Read More

Ministry During COVID-19

Conducting ministry in the face of a potentially devastating disease requires us to find ways to offer a healing,... Read More

The Pealing of Church Bells

Something has become increasingly apparent since the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. It has temporarily changed the landscape in... Read More


Transfer a Ritual that Calls for Celebration, Even during Pandemic

Rituals have been among the many casualties of this ongoing pandemic. Rituals define, express, feed and celebrate some of... Read More

Joyful Celebration of the Growth in the Church

Life, in many ways, is all about growth, which might best be defined as progressive development that yields fruit... Read More