Befriending the Church Fathers

Priests are “fathers” whose compassionate care wells up from the spring of their inclusive love for the people of God. These fathers have been “fathered” by the Trinitarian mystery and befriended in a special way by the Fathers of... Read More

Seeing the Church through Young Eyes

Maybe it is because I’m getting older. Maybe it is because I’ve always been a little salty when it...

Why Building the Domestic Church Matters

A priest should remind families that they are the pathway to God

The Constant Prayer of Priests

The General Instruction on the Liturgy of the Hours refers to morning and evening prayer as the two hinges...


The Misconceptions of Ministry

Chris Meadows  0
As a vocation director, I often find myself visiting schools to promote the priesthood and invite students to reflect... Read More

Shepherding the Flock

We must be attuned to how our people are hurting Read More