What’s in a Prayer?

There is an old Latin language maxim, which every student of liturgy learns from the start: Lex orandi, lex credendi. To this is often added: Lex vivendi. This is commonly translated as: the law of praying establishes the law... Read More

Bethlehem: A Little Town with a Big Reach

“Christmas in Bethlehem — what a wonderful opportunity!” That was the reaction from friends and family when I traveled...

Our Patron through the Pandemic

Because we are not victims of human circumstance, but rather objects of divine clemency, we might consider the seeming...

Remembering Our Story at Christmas

During the Advent season, I often think of past Christmas celebrations and the traditions with which I grew up...

Bishop Bonnar was installed January 12

Bishop David J. Bonnar, editor of The Priest, was installed the sixth bishop of Diocese of Youngstown on Tuesday, Jan. 12.


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Confronting Secularism in Advent and Christmas

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus, the divine Savior and humble man from Nazareth, who told us that we... Read More

[SPONSORED] Pope Francis Prays for Those Who Suffer From Depression

Pope Francis: pray that people who suffer from depression or burn-out will find support and a light that opens... Read More



Have you ever been robbed? I don’t mean money or material things. I am speaking more of an attitude... Read More

Limited Time

Due to last year’s pandemic, I was forced to do my Christmas shopping a little later than I normally... Read More



COVID-19: A pastor’s perspective

The Lord Guards Our Coming and Going

There is a beautiful line in the psalter found in the breviary that we pray as clergy that states,... Read More

Facing the Challenge of a Power Outage

When I arrived at my new parish in July of this year, we put a plan together for having... Read More

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