Strengthening the Catholic Identity and Purpose of Parish Schools

Operating a Catholic school is a “prophetic choice” according to the Vatican Congregation for Catholic Education. In its important document on Catholic schools, “The Catholic School on the Threshold of the Third Millennium,” the congregation calls the decision to... Read More

How to Build Strong Working Relationships with Women

“If 80% of lay ecclesial ministers are women, why in the world are we being formed in isolation from...

Incorporating Priestly Mindfulness

In the world of psychotherapy, there is an emphasis on using a mindfulness approach in conjunction with other modalities...

Pastoral Leadership in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous World

Pastors search for ways to lead in today’s troubled world. This article looks at our changing culture and examines...

Bishop Bonnar was installed January 12

Bishop David J. Bonnar, editor of The Priest, was installed the sixth bishop of Diocese of Youngstown on Tuesday, Jan. 12.


COVID-19: A pastor’s perspective

The Lord Guards Our Coming and Going

There is a beautiful line in the psalter found in the breviary that we pray as clergy that states,... Read More

Facing the Challenge of a Power Outage

When I arrived at my new parish in July of this year, we put a plan together for having... Read More

Ever Grateful for Home

Every Advent season brings with it a special anticipation for the coming of Christ at Christmas. This anticipation always... Read More

Change by God’s Design

In March of this year during the nascent stages of the pandemic, a conference call was convened by diocesan... Read More

Take a Moment to Consider What Has Been Passed on to You

“Without our traditions, our lives would be as shaky as … as … a fiddler on the roof!” —... Read More

Anticipate the future, but live in the present

It happens. Yes, there are times in parish life when we receive phone calls to arrange a baptism. The... Read More


How ‘Not’ to Raise Money This Year

Many of the bitter fruits of the COVID-19 crisis can be ignored, at least for a time. But unlike... Read More

Committed to the Priesthood

More than 25 years of my 32 years as a priest have been spent in parish life either as... Read More