Forming an Easter Parish

In our Catholic culture, we sometimes seem to embrace a losing mentality. There are probably many reasons we do this. One comes from the incredible challenges we face as a Church community. We serve in a time of declining... Read More

What Exactly Is Gregorian Chant?

Gregorian chant and its place in Catholic liturgy, sad to say, are still causes of debate, if not division,...

The Civil Rights Movement and Vietnam Era

The winds of change blew strongly during these 10 years. What happened at the Second Vatican Council by the...

St. Joseph: A Model for Priestly Fatherhood

The Second Vatican Council affirms the fatherhood of priests, and it exhorts them, “as fathers in Christ,” to “take...



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Journeys Unveiled Through Journaling

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The art and discipline of journal-keeping serve as a compliment to other spiritual exercises like formative reading and meditative... Read More

Are There Limits to Forgiveness?

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The Bible avoids attempting to give a “dictionary” definition of forgiveness. Instead, it prefers to show us many and... Read More




Becoming Vulnerable

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Last Lent, I had lunch with an elderly Holy Cross religious. He told me he spent 40 years overseas.... Read More

Modeling the Easter Jesus

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One of my favorite theological professors was the Australian Jesuit Father Gerald O’Collins. For many years Father O’Collins taught... Read More



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When Things Disappear

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Not that long ago, a few parishioners invited me to their home for dinner. Following the meal, their two... Read More

Speaking Well of God’s People

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A few years ago, I visited one of the monasteries of our country. While there, the abbot gave a... Read More