The Evolution of Penance

For a Catholic, no words are more profound and heart-stirring than those a priest proclaims to us in the confessional: “Through the ministry of the Church, may God give you pardon and peace, and I absolve you from your... Read More

The Prodigal Confessor

Sitting in the rectangular, wooden box of the confessional shaped and fashioned like an upright coffin, I was tempted...

A Light in the Desert

We survive many deserts as priests. Lent becomes an invitation to explore them, to turn over the rocks we...

The Crosses We Carry

The time of the year has returned when we walk the passion of Christ more intentionally. The last of...


St. Joseph, Our Teacher

As priests, we have a lot to learn from St. Joseph. Indeed, we should seek to imitate the virtues... Read More

‘Your Will Be Done’

One of the misconceptions about life is that when we receive our degree or diploma there will be no... Read More